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Dr Z

Dr Z. Carmen Ghia Combo Amplifier


Dr. Z Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Mazerati Amplifier, Black and Red


Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb 22-watt 1x12" Tube Combo w/Dr.Z Brake Lite Attenuator


Dr. Z Route 66 32-Watt Tube Amp Head


Dr. Z Best 2x12” Theile Cab Cabinet


Dr. Z Wreck Amplifier Head Quantum Silver


Dr Z Z-Wreck Empty Head Cabinet (Blackout)


Dr Z Maz 18 Junior with Reverb 1x12 Guitar Amp


Dr Z Monza 20 watt Amp With Master volume


Dr Z Z Wreck, 1x12, Gold Alnico, Custom Color Blue with Speed Switch. MINT!


Dr Z 2x10 Compact Convertible Guitar Speaker Cab-Excellent!!!


2016 Dr Z Remedy 40W Plexi Tube Amp Head Blonde Tolex


Dr Z Z-Best 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cab Creme 4 Ohm


Dr Z Amps Z Plus Lite - 112 Combo W/Celestion Blue upgrade - Black


DR. Z MINI Z 5-Watt 1x8 Tube Amp Combo


Dr. Z Z28 / Z-28 22 watt Guitar Amp Head Red Tolex ( Hand Wired, Point to Point)


Dr. Z Z-verb Tube Spring Reverb Unit, Red Tolex, Perfect, Used, Serviced


Dr Z Route 66 Head Black USED


Dr. Z Z Lux 1x12 Combo Black with Salt and Pepper Grille Cloth Pre-Owned 2016


Dr. Z Z-Lux 20/40-watt Tube Head


Dr. Z MAZ 18 MKII 112LT 18-watt 1x12" Tube Combo w/Reverb (Open Box 1)


DR Z MAZ 38 senior SR


Dr. Z NOVA 32-watt 1x12" Tube Combo


Dr. Z SRZ Sixty-Five


Dr Z Monza 110 Guitar Amplifier with Z Brake Green Tolex


Dr.Z Prescription 2-12" Combo


Dr. Z Backline 2x12 Cab, Red - Celestion H30/V30 Speakers


Dr Z Route 66 Tube amp head


Dr. Z mini Z Amplifier Black Tolex


Dr. Z Z-28 1x12 Combo Guitar Amp


Dr. Z MAZ 38 Sr. 38 watt Guitar Amp


Dr. Z DB4 Tube Boutique Guitar Amplifier 1x12" Combo Amp


Dr Z Rt 66 Route 66 guitar amplifer w/new KT 66 power tubes -- Doctor Z's JTM45


Dr.Z Aa33330 M12 Head Amplifier Cool Sound Collection Special Excellent


Vox AC15HW1X Handwired w Celestion Alnico Blue + Dr. Z Brake Lite Attenuator!


Dr Z Maz 18 Nr 2008 Guitar Amplifier Collection Special Excellent Authentic


Dr.Z 32068 Maz8 Combo Cool Sound Collection Special Excellent Authentic


Dr. Z MAZ 18 NR MKII 112 Ultra Lite 18-watt 1x12" Tube Combo (Open Box 1)


Dr. Z Amps Nova Guitar Amp Combo, 32w, 1x12, All Tube


Dr. Z Brake-Lite Install 45-watt Attenuator (Open Box 5)


Dr. Z Z-Air Brake 100-watt Attenuator (Open Box 2)